​MLBPA Certified Agent/Partner


​MLBPA Certified Agent/Partner

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As founder of MSM in 1999, Jonathan focuses on optimizing our client's positive attributes both on and off the field. These attributes are then used to build a strong foundation from which to negotiate. By creatively negotiating each contractual provision, our clients reap great financial benefits. An experienced negotiator, Jonathan excels in building strong relationships between the player and his organization while demanding fair & groundbreaking pay for his clients. This approach allows our clients to always know where they stand with both front office and minor league operations personnel. Finally, Jonathan serves as MSM's Marketing expert, having coordinated more than 500 appearances, advertising opportunities and local/national endorsement contracts for both major and minor league players in over 20 years. Jonathan specializes in finding the right "marketing" opportunity for each individual client. Jonathan has a Bachelor's degree in Marketing from Miami University and a Master's degree in Marketing and Management from Wright State University.

Jonathan is married over 25 years to Sharon, and has 3 children; Noah, Corie Nicole, & youngest son, Jordan.

​Mike, also a founding partner, brought 30 years of business experience to MSM Sports, including 15 as owner of his own business, before the formation of MSM.  While professional baseball is a game for all to enjoy, it is also very much a business and Mike brings his years of management and negotiating skills to benefit our clients needs in the baseball business. His knowledge of the business world assures MSM will strive to capitalize on any opportunity that will further enhance our client's careers, both on and off the field. His reputation for being ethically, morally, and financially strong has proven to be a major asset to all our clients. Having previously coached baseball for over 15 years, Mike's knowledge of the game lends perfectly to his primary role at MSM Sports as Vice President/Director of Operations. 

​Mike is married over 40 years to Anda, and has 3 boys; Bryan, Brad, and Danny.