MSM Sports brings the highest level of professionalism, preparation, knowledge, and fairness to the negotiating table. Our honesty and passion allow us to creatively negotiate each individual provision of your contract. Our clients consistently achieve fair-market value. ​

​In addition, our articulate understanding of all standard collective bargaining agreements allow us to negotiate signing bonuses, deferred payments, performance incentives, etc. which recognize our clients superior achievements both on and off the field. We know that each client has their own distinctive needs. That is why we utilize every resource available to us in helping prepare a negotiation strategy tailored to your particular demands. ​

​We have built a reputation for being fair, firm and tactful in both protecting and advancing our client's best interests. The following is a list of the provisions that MSM Sports will consider throughout the negotiation process:


Trading Card Agreements

Public Appearance and Marketing Opportunities

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Payment of Terms
Off Field Contract Provision
Incentive Clauses
​Length of Contract
Special or Fringe Benefits​



​​As a professional athlete, you have the unique ability to increase your financial earnings significantly with a positive public image. By using MSM Sports effective marketing and image enhancement techniques, our clients secure great personal and financial rewards. Community involvement, charitable contributions of time and money, appearances on television and radio, etc. are just a few of the many ways our clients build their image.

Once that image is built, the financial rewards are endless. A positive image enhances our bargaining position with your team, increases our ability to secure regional and national endorsements, and leads to fan-based financially lucrative public appearances. While building your image is important, focusing on your career is paramount! At MSM Sports, we let you, the athlete, focus on baseball while we handle the details.




Real Estate & Asset Procurement

Estate Planning



Personal Foundation

          One of the primary responsibilities of MSM Sports is to protect the interests of the athlete. For this reason, Jonathan also serves as our in-house NCAA Compliance Officer. As Compliance Officer, Jonathan's job is to make sure that all MSM Sports employees are kept up to date on NCAA rules and regulations. He is also responsible for making sure that these rules and regulations are followed precisely so as not to jeopardize the athlete.

MSM Sports will take every step to assure that all dealings between agent and athlete (or athlete's family) comply with NCAA. We will not take a chance on harming the eligibility of the individuals we are advising.


Tax & Accounting Services

Budgeting & Investment


​​Draft Advisors

Signing Bonus

Trade Options​​

​Salary Guarantees

Injury Protection

Base Salary