"Josh is the kind on player and person that Louisville Slugger wants to partner with. It is an honor to have Josh in the Louisville Slugger family. I made a comment a few years ago that if Louisville Slugger was a player, we would be Derek Jeter. He embodied everything that we as a company tried to be. I feel the same way about Josh. Louisville Slugger wants to be like Josh Harrison. Like Josh, we want to be hardworking, friendly, kind, winner, classy, and respected. It would be my pleasure to be the Louisville Slugger representative that brings Josh into the Slugger Family."

James Sass,

Louisville Slugger

“I enjoy working with MSM because they are involved and truly treat you like family."

Eric Stamets,

Cleveland Indians

“Jonathan and Mike are great people. We go way back to college days but nothing has changed. Family first and a hard work ethic. They are able to get everything done that a big firm can while maintaining first class service that you get with a smaller firm. Their connections are unmatched and what they are able to do off the field allow us players to focus on what we have to do on the field. Family to me!"

Bobby Doran,

Chicago White Sox

“MSM has felt like family since I first got involved with them. Great people to work with and enjoy great times with too!"

Kyle Freeland,

Colorado Rockies


Our Mission at MSM Sports is to be a company built around you, the athlete, providing strong contract negotiation and superior athlete marketing and image management, always remembering that integrity is essential to success.


What Clients Say About Us

“I have known Jonathan and Mike since I was in elementary school when they represented my older brother Vince. I knew at that time when I got older and played professional ball that they would definitely be at the top of my list for representation. I was able to see firsthand how much they truly value their clients by the way they handled my brother. They're faith in GOD was another thing that drew me towards them. They have for me from day one and have done everything in a top notch professional way. They have great connections with many people and those connections seem to grow daily. They allow me to go out and focus on playing the game that I love. Jonathan and Mike are truly a part of my family!"

Josh Harrison,

Detroit Tigers

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“My relationship with the MSM family has been exceptionally beneficial for me as a ball player and as a person. Jonathan and Mike truly value a close rapport with their clients. As they continue to diligently work hard and have my best interest at heart, I feel MSM allows me the best opportunity to succeed. I would not be where I am today without them."

Nate Smith,

Los Angeles Angels

“Craig has helped not only me but also my family throughout my young journey, not only as a player on the field, but also as a person in everyday situations. The thing he values the most is having a close relationship with his clients and doing what is best for them. While I continue my journey he continues to work with my best interests in mind. I know that without the work he has put in I would not be where I am today, nor the person I am today."


Garrett Fulenchek,

Tampa Bay Rays

“MSM Sports has been there for me since day one of my career. Not having an agent out of the draft I was over my head and clueless on my next move. MSM took me on no questions asked and nothing from me in return. They have been there from me ever since. The difference is they do not just care about my career but also my personal life. They have become family over the years and there is nothing they would not do for me. I could not ask for a better group to represent me. MSM is a premier agency and anyone involved would say the same. I want to know that my agent is working just as hard as I am everyday. Getting to the big leagues is hard enough, but it's harder on your own. MSM helps me achieve my goals and supports me in every way possible. I am thankful for their belief in my talent and look forward to the future with them by my side."

Zach Neal,

Oakland Athletics